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Disability Employment Awareness Month Lunch and Learn

By September 17, 2023October 23rd, 2023Resources

Disability Employment Awareness Month Lunch and Learn

Join the Inclusive Employers Hiring Hub for a Lunch & Learn Webinar October 25th at 12:00 PM in partnership with The Ladysmith Chamber of Commerce. We’re diving into the first two of four key modules about inclusive hiring, sharing success stories, and offering insights on workplace inclusivity.

You’ll also learn strategies to boost retention and morale. Plus, after our session, you’ll get access to The HUB’s toolkit, a job board for inclusive employers, and a chance to earn a certificate if you finish the final two modules online.

In today’s dynamic world, adopting inclusive hiring isn’t just the right thing to do—it’s smart for business. Join our session to equip yourself with the insights and tools needed to cultivate a truly inclusive workplace.