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Mixers are an ideal opportunity to gain exposure and publicity for your business. As a member of the Chamber of Commerce, you are invited to host a monthly Mixer. As a host you will also benefit from a large, positive and business-oriented crowd.


Hosting a Successful Mixer

We suggest that you:

  • Invite business associates, top customers, and employees to the event.
  • Offer your choice of food and beverage refreshments. This can be as simple or as elaborate as your budget will allow.
  • Offer an incentive (discount on services, two for one, etc.) for those who attend to encourage them to come back and buy your product or service.
  • Provide gift items for prize draws. These can be any items of varying value. Talk to your Chamber representative for ideas.
  • Consider partnering / cohosting the event.  If your business needs a venue to host a mixer or to share in costs contact the Chamber for options.

The Chamber will provide the following:
Will promote the event on our website, and through social media. We will assist to create a flyer if needed for distribution at the Chamber’s various events
Chamber will invite Dignitaries, Chamber Board members and Chamber Members.
Chamber will publicly welcome/thank you for hosting the event; you will then be invited to make any introductions and announcements about your business.

To reserve your date or if you have any questions, please contact the Chamber office by phone at 250-245-2112 or email .