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Chambers Plan Employee Benefits…. DID YOU KNOW….

By November 10, 2022Resources

Chambers Plan Employee Benefits…. DID YOU KNOW….
We had a great in person meeting with Paul Reese from Glen Naylor Financial, our local Broker for the Chambers Plan Employee Benefits. Paul gave us so much information in that session and brought to light another very good reason to join the Chamber. The Chambers Plan. A very competitive group employee benefits program created specifically for Chamber of Commerce Members across Canada.
Here are a few “Did you know’s” that we took from our meeting:
  • Did you know that the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plans Extended Health benefit includes industry-leading emergency travel health coverage?
  • Did you know our travel medical has an unlimited maximum benefit?
  • Did you know the Chambers Benefit Plan has 2 levels of mental health coverage’s and you can now choose your own counsellor?
  • Did you know if you have the group travel medical you never again need to buy top up travel medical coverage before a trip again?
  • Did you know with the Chambers Benefit Plan you don’t have to pay for prescriptions or dental work up-front, most can simply bill the plan?
  • Did you know almost all prescriptions are covered by the Chambers Benefit Plan and they now integrate with BC Pharmacare at your pharmacy?
  • Did you know have a group benefit plan dramatically reduces staff turn over?

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