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Chamber membership can help your cash flow

By January 20, 2016Uncategorized

Chamber membership can help your cash flow

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For many of us as small business owners, the start of a new year means one thing: cost control.

It’s essential to getting through a typically slow sales season, and to conserving precious cash flow. Finding savings in the budget is never easy, but there’s one place you can look to trim potentially thousands of dollars from expenses: your chamber.

Your membership entitles you to take advantage of the many discounts we’ve negotiated on your behalf for goods and services you’re frequently using in your business operations. Insurance, gas, travel, office supplies, credit card transaction fees  — chamber members get a lower rate on all of them, and on many other purchases too.

All you need to do is review our flyer explaining your membership benefits, and then start saving.

Here are some examples of the deals that can make a significant difference to your business:

  • Want to reduce your merchant services costs? You can get preferred rates for credit card processing and credit card terminals with your Chamber membership.
  • Want to step up your marketing? You can save up to 25 per cent on the cost of email campaigns that connect you directly to your customers.
  • Want to streamline your payroll processing and other HR functions? You can get special rates on features including: direct deposit of pay cheques, automatic government remittances, year-end tax filing/T4 submission and electronic records of employment and more.

All of these benefits represent a substantial return on your investment in a chamber membership. Just by using your gas discounts of up to 3.5 cents per litre, for example, you’ll probably save more than the cost of renewing your 2016 membership.

Now if only controlling all your other business costs was this easy!