From Farm to Table

Know your farmer, know your food.

Justin and Becca from Yellow Point Farms have developed a small market blueberry farm into a sustainable, diverse, educational and agri-tourism hub. Currently they grow blueberries, garlic, and other seasonal produce using regenerative agriculture practices. Plus, they raise miniature producing livestock – goats, sheep, pigs, and poultry. All of the animals have a purpose on the farm and play an integral part in the farm’s ecosystem.

They are excited to be opening their brand new Farm Store on March 12th! The farm store and petting farm will be open every day during spring break. Come meet the new baby goats! Stay tuned for weekly open hours, baby goat yoga, field trips, private tours, and other exciting offerings.

When you purchase produce from your local farmer, you are not only putting your money back into your community but you are getting a much fresher, tastier and healthier product to nourish your body.


We are two former suburbanites raised in the Lower Mainland, just outside of Vancouver. Over time we decided we really wanted a lifestyle change. We wanted out of the busy traffic-filled mayhem that was the reality of our ever- growing city and the always climbing high land prices.  We wanted to be at home more, be with our kids more, and feel the satisfaction of growing our own food.
So, we took the risk, sold our house, sold the business, quit our day jobs, and literally bought the farm! In February 2018 we packed up our two young kids and all our animals, and moved to a small farming community called ‘Yellow Point’ between Ladysmith and Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island.
We couldn’t have picked a better location, we feel so blessed to have stumbled upon this quaint,
small-town, farming community.
. We have two kids and are keeping very busy raising them, as well as taking care of all our livestock, and growing our blueberries and other produce. We have now expanded to open our farm store and online store.
We have a mission of creating a well-balanced ecosystem and rich soils that produce nutrient-dense foods while treating the environment and the animals with respect.  We are striving to be an inclusive, educational, working farm.

You’re Invited
We invite you to come check out our farming practices. Please note, we are a working farm, and thus we are open for certain, designated hours. We offer educational private Farm Tours, baby Goat Yoga, and have a petting farm/interactive barnyard. Please inquire for opening hours or set an appointment to visit the farm on a private tour.

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