Farm Fresh Design is not just a company name, it’s a concept that sparked a business. The mission statement is in the name; fresh. Fresh ideas, fresh illustrations, fresh attitudes, fresh client relationships, fresh perspectives and a relaxed atmosphere on a 7 acre farm in Yellowpoint BC, on beautiful Vancouver Island, just south of Nanaimo.

Large Graphic Design companies often get bogged down by the day-to-day process of doing business. Farm Fresh Design inc. escapes that trap by remaining small and fluid. Owner Ron Dash explains “We are able to adapt to client needs and respond to unusual situations because there is no corporate hierarchy establishing a firm set of rules”, instead, the open air studio and beautiful garden views let the creativity flow.

Ron Dash has been pursuing his goal of “fresh” design for over 25 years. Along with countless festivals, charity and sporting events, corporate branding and marketing is where Ron truly excels. Developing a “fresh” identity is crucial for any business, a good logo and professional presence give them an edge in today’s marketplace. From websites to print media Farm Fresh Design will create a fresh look for your company every time!

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