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Art Workshop: Drawing Cats and Dogs

June 8, 2023 @ 8:30 am - 3:30 pm

Develop confidence and skill drawing pets in this fun, supportive one-day workshop.
Discover how to draw critters with real character and personality. Learn about the use of expressive linework to create natural rhythm and flow, explore how to draw with convincing proportions, and find out how to imbue your subject drawings with plenty of charm. You’ll be guided in the valuable art of self-critique to help you become your own best teacher. Plenty of one-to-one guidance will be offered for basic sketching through mindful refinement of your work, using your own photos for reference. Be inspired by fellow pet lovers as you develop solid skills based on ingenuity, wit, and self-trust.
o Sketchbook or plenty of scrap paper. Good-one-side paper is fine.
o HB or softer pencil. Penny prefers 3B or 4B.
o White eraser: Staedtler Mars is ideal.
o 2 or 3 black ballpoint pens. Blue will do. Pens low on ink are ideal; they don’t overwhelm the sketch with too much ink, and it’s thrifty! Bring more if ink is low.
o plenty of clear, naturally lit cat and/or dog photos. Penny prefers full-body shots.
o Light (2B), medium (4B), and dark (6B) compressed charcoal in both pencil and
stick form. Penny prefers Derwent. Staples usually has nice sets in stock.
o Sharp (new) pencil sharpener; they dull quickly, and dull blades break charcoal!
o Knife to sharpen softer pencils which may break in sharpener. Retractable (X-acto
type) knife with breakaway blade is ideal. Penknife is fine, but make sure it’s sharp!
o Clean kneaded eraser.
o White or toned drawing paper. Penny prefers 160gsm 9X12” smooth.
o White charcoal pencil and/or compressed stick if using toned paper.
o Drawing board and green painter tape if you’re not using a hard paper pad.
o Fine line eraser.
About the instructor: Penny is an internationally-known art educator with a lifetime of experience drawing critters. Penny’s intent is to meet each student exactly where they are and help them develop their practice in their own meaningful way. Penny delights in rendering the nature of beloved pets through expressive linework and simple shading. She is intrigued by the similarities between humans and other animals.


June 8, 2023
8:30 am - 3:30 pm