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Staff and Public Safety Protocols

Updated:  Jan 21, 2021



All staff and visitors will be requested and required to adhere to the latest guidelines provided by the provincial health directives and WorkSafe BC.  This will include but not be limited to:

  • Not entering the premises if unwell, displaying symptoms of Covid-19 including coughing, sneezing, fever, or loss of taste or having been in recent contact with someone who is exhibiting any of these symptoms.
  • Wearing a non-medical, cloth mask, is  required.
  • If anyone has travelled outside of Canada they must self-isolate for a minimum of 14 days. If they have travelled out of province they must adhere to the relevant public health guidelines after each trip.
  • Workstations will be a minimum of 2M apart.
  • Only 1 individual or family will be allowed in the Visitor Centre at a time.
  • Marriage Licences require appointments in advance to allow for appropriate staffing.
  • Must use hand sanitizer on entering the premises.
  • Must obey 2m physical distancing at all times and visitors must remain behind plexiglass partitions as much as possible.
  • Public will be enlisted to maintain cleanliness and disinfection of public washroom.
  • Anyone failing to observe these rules will be requested to leave the premises.
  • Staff hygiene protocols include regular hand washing and/or sanitizing, covering nose and mouth while sneezing or coughing and no handshaking.
  • All high touch points will be cleaned and sanitized regularly.
  • Office closure from 12-1 for deep clean






Risk Mitigation:

Potential Risk:

Exposure through being in close proximity to other employees.

Protocols to be Implemented:
Front Counter ·         Desks/workstations to be at least 2M apart.

·         Staff hygiene protocols in place.

·         Individual PPE is available for each staff person.

·         Staff will avoid sharing workstation, computer or equipment during a shift.  If required workstation and equipment should be sanitized during before and after changeover.

·         Placement of furniture will ensure physical distancing.

·         Cleaning of high touch points will take place first thing in the morning, at lunch, and the end of the day.


Washrooms ·         Public will be asked to assist with cleaning and sanitizing the public washroom.

·         Instructions will be provided at entrance to the Visitor Centre, entrance to washroom, and inside the washroom.

·         Cleaning supplies will be provided and public will be asked to sanitize washroom before use (optional) and after use.

·         Bathrooms will be deep cleaned at beginning of day and at lunch time.

·         Hand washing poster next to each sink.


Kitchen ·         Hightouch points to be cleaned after each use (fridge, coffee machine, etc.)

·         Staff to use own crockery, cutlery, and utensils.

·         Only one person in the kitchen at a time.

·         Hand wash poster by sink.









·         Only one person in the stockroom at a time.

·         Staff to wash hands before and after entering stockroom.


Potential Risk:

Exposure through contact with tools and equipment

Protocols to be Implemented:
Front Counter ·         Staff members will work from their own workstation and have their own equipment and stationery.  Sharing workstations during a shift should be avoided.  If necessary, workstation will be disinfected before and after changeover.

·         Staff hygiene protocols are in place.

·         Individual PPE is available for each staff person.

·         Cleaning of hightouch pointswill occur minimally first thing in the morning, and at lunch.

Photocopier ·         One staff person will be assigned to manage photocopier during the day.

·         Copier will be cleaned/disinfected at end of day and any time a copier assignment changes.

·         Staff hygiene protocols in place.

Visitor Guides ·         Visitor Guides, brochures and maps to be kept behind Front Counter and distributed to Visitors in response to inquiry.

·         Staff to wash hands before and after entering stockroom.

High Touch Points:


Areas to be subject to additional cleaning:
·         Door handles for front door, offices, kitchen, stockroom and washrooms.

·         Taps, sinks, soap dispensers, and paper dispenser.

·         Front counter.

·         Outside brochure container.

·         Hand Sanitizer.

·         Photocopier.

·         Phones.

·         Keyboards.

·         Fridge, microwaveand coffee machine handles.

·         Public seating (if provided).


Potential Risk:

Exposure through interaction with the public.

Protocols to be Implemented:
Visitor Info Centre ·         The public expectations and requirements will be posted on the door prior to entry.

·         One individual or family unit in the Visitor Centre at one time.

·         Hand Sanitizer station by the front door.

·         Plexiglass shields in place at the front counter.

·         Physical distancing markers on the sidewalk outside.

·         Staff hygiene protocols are in place and PPE is available for staff.

·         Cleaning of hightouch points first thing in the morning and at lunch.

·         Adequate cleaning supplies will be available at all times.

·         Hand washing instructions in the washrooms.

·         All unnecessary items will be removed from the public space.

·         Guides, brochures and maps to be kept behind Front Counter and distributed to public as necessary.

·         All hightouch points will be cleaned throughout the day and a deep clean of main public areas will happen daily.

·         Cash transactions will be discouraged.

·         Info sheets with links to digital guides, apps and tourism websites to be made available.

·         Encourage the public, where possible, to call or e-mail ahead with requirements.

·         Public will not be allowed to use phones.


It should be noted that these safety protocols will be reviewed regularly and updated to align with any changes to provincial health requirements and/or industry best practices.

This document will be posted within the Visitor Centre for public review and each staff person will be provided a copy for their workstation.  Staff are encouraged to recommend any additions, deletions or modifications to this document.