Company name: Confident Stages
Contact:  Rosemarie Barnes
Address: 605 Stevens Place, Ladysmith, BC, V9G 2C6
Phone: (250)  661-0994
Email: Click here to email

CONFIDENT STAGES: Rosemarie Barnes, the Maverick Voice datauri-file at Confident Stages, is an inspirational speaker, a presentation and vocal coach, voice over artist, certified teacher, classically trained singer, theatre instructor, choir and band director, writer, and entrepreneur, and she has the pieces of paper to prove all of it!

Her company, Confident Stages, offers her as a professional speaker, a voice over artist for productions and audio book recordings, a certified coach for speaking and presentations, and a vocal specialist.

She has performed in theatres, lecture halls, boardrooms, classrooms, recording studios, at conferences, and in the shower.

Her spirit of optimism and curiosity continue to lead her on a journey of learning, discovery, and sharing, with her ultimate goal being to leave the world just a tiny bit better than she found it.